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Kasual Srimanganti Polka titik-titik Kapas Kalong

Casual never looked so good! This totally trendy casual cotton dress has a unique and playful two tone polka dot pattern. Plenty of pleats create a loose pucker around the waist and gives way to a long draping skirt with gentle folds for a feminine flow. Just add a bow with the built in sash and get ready to turn heads. You won't be able to pass up your own reflection in the shop windows when you're strolling the boulevard on a Saturday afternoon. It's not just about the look. Did I mention how comfortable you will be in the loose design of this dress? It's true. The unique circle pattern on this soft cotton dress really gives an upgrade to the otherwise casual flare. Wear with a floppy hat and dark glasses for an undercover movie star look. But remember, it's YOU that brings the most style to this snazzy little number. One size. Available in a vibrant Green or electric Blue.

  • style: sederhana
  • bahan: kapas
  • Pola Tipe: nyitak
  • Neckline: O-beuheung
  • Hiasan: Sashes
  • Silhouette: leupas
  • ukuran: hiji Ukuran

Hiji Ukuran: panjang 127cm, Bust 108cm,waist 84cm, shoulder 36cm, sleeve 13cm, cuff 28cm.

(Unit: cm, 1 inci = 2.54 cm, 1 cm = 0.39 inci)

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